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Our day Off by Frog27 Our day Off by Frog27
This is my entry for the :iconmangaacademy: mascot contest. I figured they were so hard-working, they deserved a day off.

I tried to add details in a lot of little things like the butterflies, the book cover, the shrooms, and my favorite... the sleeping bunny. That's actually where I got my inspiration for which book he was reading!

The tree shadows were a pain... so I went out with my DSi and took a few pics of shadows. That helped immensely!

Hope you like it. It's the most work I've put into a project in a while! LOL! I learned a lot and it was worth it!

Traditional pencil for the skecth and all coloring done in Photoshop with additional tones from How to Draw Manga Computone set.
mizz-izzy Featured By Owner May 30, 2010
This piece gives me an Alice and Wonderland type feeling. So it was cute to see that's what Elliot is reading. xD Skye and Elliot look adorable how they're posed, and Skye's outfit is so cute. I also love the details you added. Nice job on with the shadows from the tree!
Frog27 Featured By Owner May 31, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh thanks so much! I'm glad the details stood out. Yeah, Skye's outfit came out pretty cute. Elliot is so serious he can't dress more casually than usual. XP

Thanks about the shadows... they were tough.
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